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$11 million in bond issues for voters to consider

High-speed internet
The highest-profile bond issue in the town this year is the proposed high speed internet project. Although the bond question will ask voters to approve an $8 million price tag, town Finance Director Amy Land has said that is an “up to” cost that will be offset by taxes, fees, and the possibility of some significant federal funding.
Land has been part of a team that has been untangling the thorny issues that surround getting a town owned and operated internet project up and running.
Land said that the town “expects to have just about everybody online at the beginning of June of 2021. The drops” — the technology that connects each house or building to the system — “will be done at the same time as the main infrastructure.”
Land said that there are a total of 1,686 connections, but whether each of those connections will subscribe to the internet service is unknown at this point.
Water main replacement project
During the most recent meeting of the Water Commission, Water Supt. John Breunig stressed that the upcoming Financial Town Meeting on July 27 was an important one for his department.
On the ballot that evening

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