January 2019

Block Island Times

(360 VIDEO) from the stone jetty

(360 VIDEO) In a steady, gusting breeze The Block Island Times traversed from the stairs on Water Street to the stone jetty at Old Harbor providing for a panoramic perspective. Take the journey and enjoy the myriad views provided by our 360 camera!   (Note: Read Full Article on the Block Island Times

Block Island Times

Headaches: Understanding pain in your head

Have you been experiencing headaches? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Over 90 percent of adults experience headaches in their lifetime. There are many causes, which doctors break down into two categories: Primary and secondary. There are three types of primary headaches: migraine, tension-type, and cluster Read Full Article on the Block Island Times

Nicholas Ball Park to be restored

Restoration of Nicholas Ball Park will begin shortly, as the Historic District Commission granted the Old Harbor Task Force unanimous conceptual approval (5-0) of the project on Tuesday afternoon, pending receipt of some incidental information. HDC member Mike Ballard made the motion that was seconded by Read Full Article on the Block Island Times