A Memorial Day prayer

Opening prayer by military chaplain at official U.S. Department of Defense Memorial Day observance at Arlington National Cemetery, May 31, 2004:
God of our fathers, whose Almighty Hand has protected our nation, secured our liberties and blessed our people, we bow in humble gratitude for the gift of freedom, of life and of service to others.
Surely your goodness and your mercies have followed us all the days of our lives, but on this day we pause to remember that our blessings and our liberties and our rights have been secured at great sacrifice to others.
These gifts we treasure, knowing they are ours because of the valor of these fallen heroes and those at eternal rest throughout our nation and the free world. O God help us to be good stewards of our inheritance.
We ask you to console and strengthen those who mourn the loss of their loved one. May this memorial service be an appropriate tribute to honor the valor and the sacrifices made by these and by all generations of Americans.
We pray for peace in the gentle name of the Prince of Peace. May God bless this nation.

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