A mover and shaker: Gloria Redlich

Block Island has so many people to celebrate, we’ve extended Women’s History Month into April. Here’s a profile of Gloria Redlich, Senior Coordinator for the Senior Advisory Committee, in her own words:
My first visit to Block Island was on a date with Harold (eventually my husband). When he invited me to sail away with him for a day to a distant island, it gave my parents pause. After reassuring them, we boarded the Mt. Hope, the ferry leaving from India Point in Providence. Disembarking for the two-hours allotted us to ramble the island, we grew so caught up in the enchantment of the place that we lost all sense of time. Meandering around, we sensed something remarkable was happening: at the moment we began to love each other, we found ourselves in love with the island. Our collective love for the island deepened. In the 1980s, we bought the “last inexpensive” home on the island—a place we initially rented, to help pay for its restoration. We came out as often as we could: I during breaks from teaching in Connecticut.
In a U-turn from teaching, I stretched credulity to become an

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