Block Island Times

A tale of two mansions

The New Shoreham Zoning Board of Review met on Wednesday, May 26 to conduct hearings on several applications. The board only made it through two hearings, and at the conclusion of the second hearing, amid failing internet connections and rumbling tummies, the board moved to continue the other hearings until its June meeting.The first hearing was for Blakely and John Stinebaugh’s property, Plat 4, Lot 7-1, located on Corn Neck Road, commonly referred to as the Captain Willis House. The application is for a Special Use Permit under sections 306(E), 401, and 406 to demolish an existing single-family dwelling and construct a single-family dwelling and accessory structure. The Stinebaughs have received favorable advisories from the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board. In their advisory, the Planning Board indicated that the square footage calculations were not prepared by a Rhode Island registered architect as required by New Shoreham, and mentioned that the application did not confirm if the exterior lighting was dark-sky compliant and met the town’s exterior lighting ordinance, Sec 512.
The proposed house will have a footprint of 1,864 square feet and a living area square footage of 3,710 square feet, which is over the threshold limits

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