An expanded definition of just what recreation is

The Recreation Department is looking into ways to make the meaning of the word recreation more expansive.
At its most recent meeting, the members discussed the possibility of movie nights, an arts program, and an event incorporating experimental music, dancing, and relaxation at the Beach Pavilion.
The Board also discussed the possibility of having Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen take a course that would certify him to be a driving instructor on the island, given that island teens must travel to the mainland in order to take drivers education. 
The idea of hosting an experimental arts night at the Pavilion was brought to the board by residents Josh Maldonado and Meg Vitacco, who own the Mutt Hutt on Chapel Street. Maldonado is also a local DJ.
In a handout to the board, their program, called Soundwaves, would take place between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays during the summer and would be free and open to the public. Healthy snacks and beverages would be sold, but according to the flyer Vitacco and Maldonado handed out, “Under no circumstance would disposable cups, utensils, or plastics be used or offered.” The two said they would oversee the cleaning of the area after each event. Maldonado and Vitacco said the event would be drug and alcohol free.
Maldonado said the event would take place “primarily on the decks” of the Pavilion.
“Recreation is such a broad word and it’s not just sports,” said Sniffen. “Anything we can do to encourage that I think is a good idea.”
Board members also briefly discussed how the three seasonal employees who will be living at the Beach Pavilion in the summer would be monitored.
Sniffen said that he and Assistant Recreation Director Cindy Lemon would make unscheduled visits to the Pavilion to ensure the rules were being followed by the three tenants. Sniffen said there would be no alcohol, no overnight guests, no fires, no gatherings after hours on the decks, and no candles in the rooms.
“My rule is that this is where they are going to sleep,” said Sniffen. The Pavilion is scheduled to open on Friday, May 25.
The Recreation Board also said it will put up signage at the tennis courts at Ball O’Brien Park to discourage the newly resurfaced courts as an area for skateboarding and other non-tennis related activities.
“We need to have each area of the park be respected for its intended use,” said Board member Sarah Sue Deane, who said the issue had been brought to her by a member of the public.
Sniffen said that signage saying that scooters, bikes, or skateboards cannot used on the courts will be posted.


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