An old-time ferry ride

Ed. note: Paul Cotter sent in these photos of two ferries, the Lizzie Ann and the Rocket, that ran from Block Island during World War II. The photos sparked memories from some of those who rode both boats.
I was very young, you have to remember. I don’t think I was more than 7 or 8… I may have been younger. This was during the war. We left Block Island and we had to go into Newport. We had to go through this net. They made torpedoes in Jamestown and they did not want (German) submarines to get into the bay. It wasn’t a pleasant ride, a lot longer than to Pt. Judith. It was about 90 minutes. I don’t remember any chairs, but you can see the stack and there was a compartment and seats around that and that was what kept you warm during the winter. Everybody could sit there and put your feet up. — Marcelline Mazzur
I took trips on the Rocket and the Ranger and the Randall D. Palmer. She had a little coop for the skipper to steer the boat. It was a good ride unless it was bad weather. She could

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