Anna Rose Mleczko at Spring Street Gallery

Year-round resident and Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Anna Rose Mleczko, will be showing her new work at the Spring Street Gallery with a reception on Saturday, July 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.
Mleczko will be presenting handcrafted magnetic and hanging sculptures. Her pieces are carefully curated out of local stones, sea glass, copper, driftwood, and metals, that have been piling up in her studio and every nook and cranny in the home she shares with her partner and his two children.
Each piece is hand-drilled and is meant to be interacted with. There are even magnetic sculptures for kids, inspired by the children in her life.
Her inspiration to combine naturally manipulated objects with interior spaces stems from her past work in interiors and photography during her time in Brooklyn, NY. Her deep love for Block Island was passed down to her by her late grandparents, William and Rosemary Middeleer and mother, Susan Middeleer Mleczko.Her grandfather created a galley kitchen in their house on Cormorant Cove many years ago, made up of collected treasures from Block Island’s coast.
The small kitchen had washed up lobster pots to serve as a

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