At the root of it all: Island farms and gardens

Block Island is a haven for gardeners — whether tended by a master gardener or the casual hobbyist, the town is full of beautiful gardens filled with produce and flowers alike.
The Block Island Times asked some local farmers, gardeners and horticulturists to gain a little insight into what is being grown this coming season: What have you planted this season?
“I start some plants inside, and in early April I move outside to my heated hoop house over 2,000 plants. In one little plant tray holds 72 plants, which transforms to a massive explosion of plants grown. I currently have four varieties of eggplant, six varieties of tomato, four varieties of pepper, four varieties of beet, three varieties of carrots, a lettuce blend, three varieties of kale, arugula, three varieties of radish, two varieties of turnips, basil, dill, cilantro and purple tomatillo. I chose the seeds in February, and it can be hard to stay controlled in choosing the seeds. I chose 102 varieties of seed, and I save 30 percent of my seeds.”
— Jessy Howarth (Southeast Gardens)
“Your basic items: potatoes, tomatoes, peas, rutabagas — all sorts of vegetables. If it is edible, we have

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