Block Island Times

Athletes to compete in Block Island Triathlon on Saturday

The Block Island Triathlon begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning at Town Beach, where the athletes will swim a quarter-mile route before exiting the water and beginning the 12-mile bike portion.
The bikers will travel down Corn Neck Road to Beach Avenue, which they will follow until they make a left on Center Road and travel up past the airport. The athletes will take a right at Isaac’s Corner and follow Cooneymus Road, continue on West Side Road, until making a right at theAmerican Legion onto Center Road. They will follow Center Road up past the airport again, around Cooneymus and West Side roads again, making a right at the American Legion once again onto Center Road. (Because of the race the Farmers Market will be held on Sunday instead of Saturday.)This time the bikers will make a left onto Beach Avenue and arrive back at Corn Neck Road, which they will follow back to Town Beach. From there, the athletes will leave their bikes to run down the beach to Surf Beach, turn around and run north to Mansion Beach.At Mansion Beach they will turn around and finish the four-mile run back at Town Beach. There

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