Averting a water crisis

After months of sounding the alarm, the Block Island Water Company, under the supervision of John Breunig has finally gotten the attention of the Town Council.At a joint meeting of the Council and the joint boards of the water and sewer departments on Monday, November 14, Breunig walked council members Sven Risom, Keith Stover, and Martha Ball through the problems and the possible short- and long-term solutions to meeting the island’s summertime water needs. Outgoing First Warden André Boudreau and Councilor Mark Emmanuelle did not attend the meeting.Breunig has been questioning the methodology used to calculate the needs of customers in the Water District. Traditionally, usage is measured during the third quarter of the calendar year, which goes from July 1 through September 30. But, the inclusion of September distorts the calculation with its lower flows lessening the real impact of demand during July and August.“We all know the day after Labor Day is very different out here,” said Breunig.Breunig credited Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright for making him rethink how seasonal demand should dictate rate and decision making. When Breunig did his own recalculationshe found that the water company was up against the limits of

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