Block Island Times

B.I. spared regional rains and flooding

Block Island was spared the recent torrential rains and flooding experienced in much of the New England and New York area during the past week, although there were some passing showers here and there.But that doesn’t mean islanders aren’t worried about the effect of high waters, whether they come from hurricanes, storm surge, or just plain, heavy rain.The Sea Level Rise Committee has now identified areas to prioritize in making Block Island a more “resilient” place. Some of the areas they’ve had in mind all along since their formation, and some are as a result of the community engagement session they held last month to which many town employees, stakeholders and “interested members of the community” were invited.On the list of the top five are making the dunes along the east side of the island one long continuous one (“to keep us one island as long as possible,” said Chair Judy Gray), Corn Neck Road, Bridgegate Square, Ocean Avenue in New Harbor, Ocean Avenue between Old Harbor and the intersection at Beach Avenue, and a review of the Zoning Ordinances to see if anything could be changed

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