Ballard’s Inn looking toward a great summer

This is the year of adjustments, and the folks at Ballard’s Inn are determined to bring to its guests the traditional Ballard’s experience in the summer of 2020, but with the necessary protocols and guidelines the season requires.
Owner Steve Filippi has spent the pre-season moving around tables, chairs, tents so that guests can spread out according to the guidelines. But what will not change is the beautiful expanse of the Atlantic Ocean that Ballard’s sits next to, the sounds of summer music, and the aromas of freshly cooked food. Filippi said the core of the menu is the same, but just pared back. There will be live entertainment. Although the staff is expected to be smaller this year, Filippi said most of the staff this year are veterans.
Filippi was overseeing some activity under a clear blue late spring sky, and when he was asked about the upcoming season, he said, “We’re excited.”
To make a reservation or for more information, visit or call (401) 466-2231. — Lars Trodson
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