Block Island Times

Beaches and parks open, enjoy responsibly

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management announced last week the temporary closure of Rhode Island state parks and beaches, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the public. The state parks and beaches, including their parking areas, closed on Friday, April 3.
When asked if R.I. D.E.M.’s closure to the state parks and beaches applies to the island community, Interim Town Manager Jim Kern said “The answer is no. Our beaches are open until we decide otherwise. And I don’t expect a change in the foreseeable future.”
Executive Director of the Block Island Conservancy Clair Stover-Comings said “The [trails] are currently open. We’re monitoring them and the parking lots to make sure everyone’s complying with CDC guidelines.”
The Nature Conservancy Great Salt Pond scientist Diandra Verbeyst also mentioned the trails “have friendly reminder signage to be safe and keep social distancing.”
Block Island is home to many diverse trails, preserves, and beaches that provide island residents access to quiet recreational use, which in turn, benefit our mental health and capacity. Spending time outside each day can help alleviate stress and cluttered minds while everyone continues shelter in place and practice social distancing (until at least May

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