Block Island Times

BI School mandates face covering for beginning of school year

The Block Island School will require all persons entering and attending the school to wear a face covering – for at least the beginning of the school year. The School Committee made its decision based on recommendations from both outgoing Superintendent Mike Convery and Block Island Medical Center Director Dr. Tom Warcup.
When asked if the school had a supply of face-masks, Convery responded: “I literally have 1000s in my office.”The policy will be posted for the required 20 days and will be reviewed monthly as the situation evolves.
The discussion took place at the committee’s meeting on Tuesday, August 16. It was the last meeting for Convery, who is stepping down as superintendent and will be replaced by Robert Gerardi.“I will say ‘thank you’ to Mike for the last three years,” said Chair Jess Willi, adding that she was especially grateful for his service during the past year with the challenges of Covid and distance learning.“We live in interesting times,” said Convery. “I wish I could stay. But I can’t.”

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