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BIHS discusses future budget and finances

Due to a reporting error, quotes attributed to BIHS Board member Ray Torrey should have been attributed to BIHS Treasurer Pete Tweedy. The online version has been corrected accordingly. 
At its meeting on Monday, Jan. 20, the Block Island Health Services Board emerged from a closed session discussion about the 2020 budget with some issues still unresolved, and with one member expressing concern about the Medical Center’s finances.
“The elephant in the room is still this budget, which is unapproved,” said Treasurer Pete Tweedy as the members began their open meeting discussion.
Tweedy indicated that the closed session discussion will lead to some changes in the budget, therefore postponing its approval.
“With the discussion we had earlier, that will change some of the numbers. I think the best thing we can do is go back, and go over this again and re-submit it to everybody so you have more up-to-date information based on our next set of plans,” said Tweedy. “I hate putting this off, but I don’t see any other way around it. You can’t vote on something that is not accurate.” Numbers for the proposed

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