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BIMI Tuesday Night Talks start June 28

The first BIMI Tuesday Talk of the 2022 season will feature Alyson McCann from the University of Rhode Island discussing private well-water safety on Block Island, and why, how, and when to get your well water tested. This free workshop will enable you to take informed action to test and protect your well water. Block Island has an abundanceof residents that have wells as their drinking water source. This workshop is directed at anyone that has a well, is thinking about purchasing a house with a well, or for the curious type, simply interested in learning more about a well as a water source.Topics covered include:• The importance of regular testing.• How to protect your well water for pollution.• Proper well maintenance.Alyson McCann is the Cooperative Extension Water Quality Coordinator in the College of Environment and Life Sciences at URI and has over 30 years of experienceworking with local, state, regional and federal partners to achieve water quality protection. Her work most notably focuses on private drinking water well protection, collaboratingwith the Rhode Island Department of Health and local communities. She is also a member of URI’s GeoSpatial Extension Program and develops and trains professionals in the use

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