BIMI welcomes shark researcher Jon Dodd

Jon Dodd, the executive director of the Atlantic Shark Institute will be sharing everything the ASI has been doing with great white shark research around Block Island since 2019. His presentation on Tues., Aug. 10 at 7:00 p.m. will include the technology used, the methodologyfor the study, the location of the receivers used to detect the sharks, what has been learned to date, the importance of sharks in our ecosystem, and much more. With 15 white sharks detected in Rhode Island waters thus far, this is a great opportunity to learn all you can about this beautiful and iconic shark.Dodd has spent his entire life on the water with a particular focus and affinity for sharks. From his first close encounter with a blue shark at the age of 14, he has been fascinated by sharks and their need for a greater understanding and protection in many parts of the world. Having caught and released almost 1,000 sharks, and having tagged approximately 500 of those for various shark research projects, Dodd employs a hands-on approach and tireless commitment to this much-needed research. Dodd has direct experience working with a variety of shark species, including mako, thresher, blue, hammerhead,

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