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BIPCo: Beware of scam calls

Scammers are keeping at it.
According to Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright, one person has reported receiving a scam telephone call stating that if payment isn’t made to National Grid, their power will be shut off.
The problem is, “none of our customers on Block Island have any relationship with National Grid,” said Wright. He added that these are not robo calls, but are being made by real people.
If they ask you to send a payment, Wright said, “don’t do it.”
Wright said that there have been about 12 reported scam calls in the past year. “They’re not frequent, but are consistent,” he said.
Wright also said that the island got through the recent high wind event without any power outages.
While he realized that “anything could happen at any time,” BIPCo’s recent efforts at “tree trimming and pole replacement have been paying off. Every little bit is helping,” he said.

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