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Block Island School receives state ranking

Principal Kristine Monje had generally good news for the New Shoreham School Committee at its most recent meeting on the school’s ranking among the state’s public schools, with concerns in one “area of weakness” that brought the overall ranking down to a “3-Star School”.
The R.I. Department of Education combines several types of education data into a “report card” for each school and school district, summarized on a scale of one to five stars, five being the highest. The overall rating is the lowest score among the six major categories.
Four of the five indicators scored for the BI School – all related to academic achievement and graduation rates – earned four or five stars. The exception was “chronic absenteeism,” combined for students and teachers. That score of three stars means that the BI School’s overall rating is three stars.
According to the RIDE web site’s Report Card pages, 19.6 percent of Block Island School students and 10.0 percent of teachers were chronically absent during the data collection period. (The baseline was 133 students and 24 teachers, as of October 2018.)
Monje explained to the School Committee that

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