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Block Island School to close next week, library and recreation to reduce programs

Under the direction of Gov. Raimondo, all schools will be closed in Rhode Island next week starting Monday, March 16, including the Block Island School, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The governor made the announcement on Friday, March 13.
Block Island School Supt. Mike Convery said “they are moving up all April vacations to next week to give administrations time to put together remote learning plans. We’re closed next week and after that it’s a week by week decision.” Convery said remote learning “will begin the week of March 23 if necessary.”
Convery added that “we’ll still be holding the school committee meeting Monday, March 16.” The agenda will include an update on the school closing.
Interstate Navigation’s Director of Security also provided an update on Friday.
“Dr. Clark and I are in daily contact and with the Department of Health. We’re getting daily briefings. We’re in the loop, and working on all the info that is available,” said Bill McCombe, who is also co-director of the island’s Emergency Management program. “We’re asking that our passengers be mindful and respectful and use precautions. Be respectful of your space. Use the trashcans for your napkins and tissue paper.

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