Block Island Shuttle arrives

The New Shoreham Town Council voted on Monday to authorize the Motor Vehicles for Hire’s Point-to-Point Program, also known as the Block IslandShuttle, by raising the capacity limits on taxis from twelve to fifteen persons, and amending the New Shoreham Revised General Ordinances Chapter 8, Article VII to define the program. The Point-to- Point Program is a shuttle bus service with designated pickup and drop off points. The commission has determined the designated pickup and drop off areas as Old Harbor at the statue of Rebecca, Fred Benson Beach Pavilion, Payne’s Dock, New Harbor Boat Basin, and Champlin’s Marina.According to taxi owner Judy Clark, the designated taxis operating as a shuttle will leave at 9 a.m., one from Rebecca and one from Champlin’s, traveling in opposite directions on the route. This will create a loop in which a taxi will arrive at each designated stop every half hour. There are seventeen taxis currently signed up to participate, and Clark says the taxi owners will create a schedule to keep the service running smoothly. She says communication will be key, and that communication is one of the strengths of the taxi businesses on the island.The service will run daily

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