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Broadband Committee unveils new website:

On Thursday, Feb. 4, at the beginning of the Broadband Committee’s virtual meeting, New Shoreham Finance Director Amy Land announced that the new website was ready to be launched the next day. It’s a step that many have been waiting for – a first look at what’s ahead for Block Island.
Land invited the members of the committee to test the website after the meeting, but cautioned them that the site was not final, and that they “would be adding more as we go.” At this point, users are asked simply to register with the website and verify their fire number – the unique identification number assigned to every building on the island for the use of the island fire department to locate emergencies.
When one clicks on the “Register” link, a box will come up asking for the fire number. If you don’t see yours, or don’t know it, enter something like “ocean” and a message will come up saying: “We did not find a match for that address. Please click here to continue.” A box will pop up where you may enter contact information and leave a message.
You aren’t actually committing yourself to anything, service-wise,

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