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Broadband progressing slowly but surely

Building a fiber-to-the-premises network is a complex, multi-phase process – especially when it involves hooking up an entire island all at once. With the influx of people to the island, those who rent out their homes or own businesses should share information on the broadband construction with customers and guests, and ask them to proceed carefully during their visit to Block Island.Sertex, the company installing the new broadband system on Block Island, now anticipates customer turn-ons beginning in December of this year and continuing through next winter, spring, and summer. Permit approvals, equipment procurement, and network construction are underway. This schedule reflects best estimates for activities, some outside the control of the Town of New Shoreham or Sertex, including permit approvals for underground construction, Verizon licensing needed to attach fiber to the poles, and possible supply chain disruptions.
Crews from Sertex are now busy installing conduit, primarily on private property and along private roads. Sertex will not commence construction on major roadways until after the busy summer season. In addition to Sertex construction work, pole make-ready work by local utilities will continue across the island this summer and is a critical step in network construction.
There are many

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