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Broadband project price tagged at $8 million

During a presentation regarding the island-wide high-speed internet project, Town Finance Director Amy Land said the design and installation of the project will cost about $8 million, and voters will be asked to approve the project at the upcoming Financial Town Meeting on July 27, 2020.
Land, representing the Broadband Committee, presented a Power Point presentation. The council must approve the project before it can go to voters at the FTM.
Land stated the network would provide fiber connections to all residences and businesses with multiple data service options.
“We would be bringing to customers a high quality customer experience… this was a priority in what we put together,” said Land.
Land reminded the council of “where we are in the process” for the island wide broadband network.
“We have [Request for Proposal] responses in hand, and have selected and identified a contractor for Sertex and Crocker. We have hard numbers in hand… and a design that continues to be redefined. Sertex is the builder of the broadband network. Crocker Communications is the telecommunication end of this partnership, they have several municipal customers and they are becoming very well known in the municipal space. This network will continue

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