Block Island Times

Broadband stringing along

Sertex appears to be actively progressing with the installation of the island-wide broadband network, although they will need to take a pause on some of the work for the busy summer months, particularly along busy roadways. Town Finance Director Amy Land, who is also an ex-officio member of the committee, told the Broadband Committee at its meeting on Thursday May 28, that Sertex was making appointments with home owners, installing conduit – or “underground drops” – and dealing with some unexpected problems.
So far, just over 1500 people have registered for broadband. Some have reported that they could not find their address when registering, and Land said they were working with those whose addresses weren’t validated.Land asked if anyone had any feedback – either positive or negative, regarding the installation of conduit.One member had both. Sertex installed the fiber to his house, but not the cottage on the same property, saying they needed a “separate work ticket.” But, the real problem was that the underground wires for an electric dog fence had been cut. He said he called the company when he went down in his basement and heard “chirping” that indicated a power interruption, and Sertex came

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