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Broadband suffers a setback

The Town of New Shoreham Broadband Committee had hoped to have a website up and running by mid-January where residents could go to review product offerings and sign up early for services. At the committee’s meeting on Thursday, Jan. 7 it was announced that the website was still being built. New Shoreham IT Coordinator Michelle Spero said: “It looks like an end of January launch.”
While the numbers aren’t set in stone, information provided in July 2020 in advance of the Financial Town Meeting when voters approved the $8 million project presented pricing on various tiers of service being considered. The numbers were presented as both year-round, and for four-month seasonal service.
The three basic tiers are for telephone and internet service. In all cases, telephone services will be $19.95 per month when internet is also chosen. If customers want phone services only, the cost will be $24.95 per month.
The internet packages are based on three different bandwidth speeds: 25/25 Mbps, 50/50 Mbps, and 100/100 Mbps, where Mbps stands for megabits per second. The higher the speed, the faster the download and upload times for files are, especially video.
For most small households, 25/25 will be adequate

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