Buoys installed at Town Beach

The New Shoreham Harbors Department deployed a dozen buoys off of the Town Beach today as part of National Grid’s efforts to protect its sea2shore transmission cable. The buoys were installed to designate a “no-anchor zone” to keep boaters away from the cable, where a 300-foot section of it has been exposed about 200 feet from the shoreline.
New Shoreham Harbormaster Steve Land and Town Manager Ed Roberge said they wanted to be mindful of locating the buoys away from swimmers at the beach.
During installation, in June of 2016, National Grid encountered hard seabed and was unable to meet the requisite four to six foot burial depth for the cable. National Grid will visit the island in the fall to address the cable’s burial depth, when the utility company will be adding a protective sleeve. Grid’s cable is a component of the Block Island Wind Farm.


Block Island Times Article

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