Calling all southpaws

Are you left-handed? If so, Dan Cahill is looking for you.For the past 10 or so years, Dan has been giving the 100 left-handed people on Block Island (that he knows of) the annual Left Hander’s Calendar for Christmas. But this year, it is not being published. So Dan has an idea, let’s make our own.With help from photographer Keith Lang and Island Bound Bookstore owner Susan Bush, this will be Block Island’s own, first left-handers’ calendar.Island lore has it that Block Island has many more than the accepted percentage in the general population of left-handed people. And it’s what made Dan decide to move here after discovering so many others with the same super power. Now he wants to know just exactly how many there are.Anyone who lives on the island year-round, and is left-handed, is asked to call (466-5592) or mail Dan (P.O. Box 241) to let him know your name, age, and phone number.

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