Block Island Times

Carousel turns heads

A carousel appeared in front of Aldo’s Bakery some weeks ago. It has the brightly colored little horses kids love, and the ability to entertain youngsters for a few minutes that parents love. Naturally, the carousel has been well-received by kids and parents alike. There’s just one problem. You can’t have an amusement ride in the Town of New Shoreham, per the zoning ordinance, (Section 111, item 9.)This put the gaming license of Aldo’s Bakery in jeopardy, as the town cannot issue a gaming license if a business has a zoning violation, (Section 8-20 of the Revised Ordinances of the Town of New Shoreham.) Gaming licenses were issued to other Block Island establishments on June 16. Aldo’s was passed over because it wasn’t clear if the carousel met the technical standards of being a game or a ride.At the Town Council meeting on July 21, Town Manager Maryanne Crawford informed the council that Town Solicitor Bill Landry had advised her the carousel in question was actually an amusement ride.“I’m recommending the council not approve this gaming license because we maintain it’s not a game, it’s a ride and it’s not allowed by zoning,” Crawford said.Second Warden Sven Risom

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