Catching up with Seamus…

After receiving permission, I called Seamus Hemingway one night to catch up on Block Island’s unsung hero, a remarkable young man who exudes quiet leadership through his actions, something sorely lacking in today’s self-centered, social-media-driven society.
One of my initial encounters with Hemingway went back a year as a player on the Hurricanes’ High School basketball team, which I had been roped into coaching. He was late for practice, and hadn’t bothered to let me know. Never a good thing.He bounded in 20 minutes late on a freezing cold night, changed frantically right in front of me on the gym floor, and ran out to run with his teammates. “Sorry Coach, I had to transport and I only have about 30 minutes till I need to get him to the airport to medivac.” On the bleacher lay his EMT two-way radio, ready to summon him back to the medical center a mere 200 feet away. High School? Really?“Dear coach, welcome to your quiet leader.”
So I was not surprised to hear at graduation that he signed up for the military for a four-year enlistment on what he thinks may lead to an initial Ranger’s rank and position. Another

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