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Celebrate Earth Day, come to the fair on April 21!

Back in January, somebody asked Mimi Leveille if Block Island did anything for Earth Day. Upon hearing the answer, he then said: “It’s getting to be a big thing, you know.”And so it was that Leveille found herself in the middle of organizing the island’s first fair to commemorate both Earth Day and Arbor Day, although some might say every day is Earth Day on Block Island.Leveille quickly garnered the support of island conservation organizations, people serving on conservation-related boards or commissions on a town level, and other interested people. In some five planning sessions (so far), that Leveille describes as a “thinking tank,” the fair is coming together as a showplace for what has been happening on Block Island, sometimes for years. “My main goal and mission is to educate the community on all we [already] do out here,” says Leveille.To that end, The Nature Conservancy, Block Island Conservancy, the Ocean View Foundation, the Committee for the Great Salt Pond, and the Block Island Maritime Institute will all be participating, as will representatives from the Block Island Land Trust, the Sea-Level Rise Committee, and the Harbors Department. Harbormaster Kate McConville may be on hand to share what

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