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Changes proposed for the Visitor Center

Councilor Sven Risom presented what he termed a “fairly radical proposal” for how the Visitor Center will be operated for the 2021 summer season.
“In 2021 we need to do something different,” Risom said at the Town Council’s meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15. “I want to make it happen.”
Risom presented the members of the council a paper he titled “Enhanced Old Harbor Visitor Experience,” the objective of which was to “Improve the Old Harbor gateway with better bathroom facilities, more women’s rooms, improved lockers, reduced congestion and an enhanced/new Tourism ambassador facility.”
Citing the condition of the current bathroom facilities and lockers, and the fact that the center was the nexus of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, Risom proposed to:
– Significantly improve, expand and re-align Old Harbor bathrooms and lockers (in the current Visitor Center building).
– Double the size of the bathrooms within the current building framework
– Align facility’s needs to two-thirds women’s; one-third men’s.
– Add exterior water fountain and bottle refilling station.
As for the lockers, about one-third of which are broken beyond repair. At the

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