Cherry Hill Lane subdivision moving ahead

“Has anyone been up there?” asked Housing Board Chair Cindy Pappas regarding the Cherry Hill Lane affordable housing project located off Cooneymus Road. The Block Island Housing Board met on Tuesday, Feb. 11 to discuss updates on the project.
Member Stacy Henshaw noted she had visited the site in January, and “it looked really good. Good progress was being made.”
“I think we are doing great — as with any project there have been little wrinkles here and there, but Pariseault [Builders] has been great to work with, and Sam Bird is helping me have some eyes on the property.” Pappas described the hiccups as “inconsequential, I think there are a few things from the modular company production, a few little wrinkles,” said Pappas.
“I think that would be normal,” said member Rosemary Tobin.
“Pariseault has been able to retrofit and adjust accordingly. For instance, one thing was the way the windows were installed. I think the modular company wasn’t planning on the trim package that we had stipulated. We asked for and paid for trim,” said Pappas.
Pappas noted the windows “installed are a little

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