Chowder wows ‘em at BIMI ChowderFest

As the rain drizzled down, and the fog rolled in and out on an inhospitable Sunday during the Memorial Day Weekend, the Block Island Maritime Institute held its annual ChowderFest.
The weather turned out to be an asset. With little to do outside, guests filled the BIMI Center down at New Harbor and enjoyed the chowder and some cocktails prepared by Amy and Mike Dugan and music supplied by DJ Danielle Duffy.
At a little before 5 p.m., BIMI member Jim Hinthorn stood with microphone in hand to announce the winners:
1st. Winfield’s (a repeat winner from last year).
2nd. Kimberly’s/Block Island Oyster Bar & Grill
3rd. McAloon’s. 
— Lars Trodson


Block Island Times Article

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