Chris Crawford takes the helm at the B.I. Chamber

After almost six months with no executive director at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce, that position has finally been filled. Chris Crawford, who moved to the island with his spouse, Maryanne Crawford, in July of 2020 when she became town manager, quickly involved himself in the community, doing freelance writing for The Block Island Times, coaching school sports, and this year taking the position as athletic director for the school. Two weeks ago he assumed the helm at the Chamber. Crawford brings years of experience to the position, having been involved in business start-ups since the 1990s, when as Crawford says, technology was in its infancy. He was involved with a technology start-up that did work for Amazon, and eventually was swallowed up by the now-giant. But things evolve, and Crawford soon found himself involved in the event-planning business with an organization that he built from scratch that extended across the globe, involving events in some 50 countries.Holding events in foreign countries with an international clientele means knowing all the ins and outs of customs and the logistics of getting all the workers and visitors in and out as well, all while providing for a great array

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