Club Soda fined, suspended for three days

Due to a violation of the state’s liquor laws, the New Shoreham Town Council, acting as the Board of Licensing Commissioners, has slapped Club Soda with a three-day suspension and a $1,000 fine for the establishment’s part in two separate alcohol-related traffic incidents. Last winter, two individuals on different occasions were overserved alcohol at Club Soda, which contributed to subsquent vehicular accidents. 
The establishment will suspend operations on May 22, May 23, and May 24.
With Club Soda managers Max Balmforth and Rick Lysick in attendance, the Town Council unanimously (5-0) approved the fine and suspension at a meeting on Wednesday, May 16 upon the recommendation of New Shoreham Police Chief Vin Carlone. At the Town Council’s urging, Carlone agreed to have his department act as an intermediary for relationship-mending between Club Soda and its neighbors, who have complained about noise disturbances and disorderly conduct issues in and around the club’s premises. 
“I want them to stick to the ordinance,” said abutter Margeurite Donnelly, who along with Verna Littlefield attended the meeting and complained about the noise coming from the club during the summer months. “If it gets out of hand again I will file a complaint with the police department.”
“I want to get the word out that strike one and two have been called,” said Councilor Sven Risom. “I want the message to be sent to be loud and clear.”  
Town Manager Ed Roberge said that he and the Chief will draft a letter that will be sent to the island’s other establishments as a warning for compliance with state liquor laws.
First Warden Ken Lacoste put it simply: “I hope we don’t see you again until November.” The Commission issues liquor license renewals during the month of November each year.


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