Council agrees to buy Overlook property for public access

The Town Council voted on April 21 to join three other groups in purchasing the Overlook property on the shore of the Great Salt Pond next to Champlin’s Marina and Resort. The vote was taken in a closed session with the Block Island Land Trust and announced in open session during the regular Council meeting.The vote was 3-1 in favor, with Councilor Martha Ball recused.The agreement is contingent on approval of a subdivision for the 6.27 acre parcel (Plat 19 Lot 3) that would create a 4.5 acre lot for open space. The lot is now owned by Overlook Realty, LLC, which in turn is owned by Steven Filippi. The existing Overlook building is not included in the purchase.According to the terms of the agreement as announced, the purchase price for the 4.5 acre parcel will be $10.5 million, $4 million of which would be paid by the Block Island Land Trust from their cash account. The Block Island Conservancy and The Nature Conservancy have committed to contribute $2 million from fundraising.The remaining $4.5 million would be paid by the Town of New Shoreham, subject to voter approval of a bond issueat the Financial Town Meeting on May

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