Council, community tackle rampant drinking

“Let’s hear it. Let’s talk it out,” said Second Warden Sven Risom at the beginning of a special meeting on Monday, July 25 with liquor license holders on the current problems facing Block Island.The meeting was called after Interim Police Chief Peter Chabot conducted an undercover “compliance check” on the weekend of July 16 and 17. On July 16, six out of seven establishments served alcohol to an undercover, under-aged male. On July 17, two out of six served another undercover, under-aged male without obtaining proper identification or proof of age.Other problems that have been observed are rampant violations of open container ordinances, including under-age drinking on beaches and adults walking around the streets with drinks in hand.The idea was to get everybody in the room and see what ideas could be shared to tamp down the situation. “Look around the room,” said Town Councilor Keith Stover. “You are the bedrock of this community. This is not to give anybody a hard time.”Nobody seemed to want to be the first to speak, but long-time member of the Rescue Squad, Gary Ryan stepped up to the microphone. Ryan said he had been on the island for 35 years, and

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