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Council floats ideas to keep inspection station on island

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, the Town Council held its Town Manager Work Session, and reviewed a diverse list of agenda items: final revisions to the Harbor Management Plan, the Visitors Center, potential recreation facility, and taxi ordinances.
Next steps for local inspection station
The lack of a certified car inspection station on Block Island was on the minds of the Town Council members. Rob Murphy of Murphy’s Auto said late last year that he was no longer inspecting most residential vehicles, although he is still inspecting town vehicles and larger trucks.
Second Warden André Boudreau began the discussion on the loss of a local inspection station, and possible next steps on getting a new one.
Boudreau estimated there are about 800 registered cars on Block Island.
“Robbie had made suggestions for inspections on the island… Robbie has a space issue for car inspections, and in the springtime cops are on the lookout for inspection stickers. He doesn’t get paid enough to do it all — it takes two hours for inspection, another two hours for the waiver paperwork. His suggestion would be he could provide the

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