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Council, Housing Board discuss O’Brien Property

The Town Council met with the Housing Board on Tuesday May 18, to discuss the O’Brien property, Plat 18, lot 2-3, which the Housing Board is currently working on developing for affordable housing. The purpose of the meeting was to answer any questions the Town Council might have in advance of the Public Hearing scheduled for May 19. The Housing Board has contracted Dan Harrington III, to perform the Class 1 survey to determine exactly what size and number of units they can actually fit on the property. Housing Board Chair Cynthia Pappas explained that the zoning change request to change from Residential A to New Harbor Commercial necessitateda change in the Comprehensive Plan for the parcel, from low density to moderate density.Housing Board member John Spier explained that the zoning change from Residential A to New Harbor Commercial and the corollary change from low to moderate density would allow for the building of nine or ten single-family homes. He explained that this could translate into twenty individual units if they were a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom types. These units, according to Spier, would house the same total number of people as you would find in

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