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Council: No new restrictions to emergency ordinance

Although anxiety and concern in the community have recently risen after news broke that three new confirmed cases of Covid19 were reported on the island, the Town Council did not enact any new amendments to the existing Emergency Ordinance that was approved in March.
However, it was learned on Wednesday, Nov. 11, that Dr. Warcup had tested positive for Covid-19. The following message was shared to the community from the Block Island Medical Center:
“Dear Block Island Community:
Earlier this afternoon, Dr. Warcup tested positive for COVID-19 via the Abbott rapid test. We are putting our COVID-19 action plan into place. We will be closing the medical center for the remainder of the week for deep cleaning. We anticipate a return to service on Saturday afternoon once Laurie Anderson arrives. We are in contact with the DOH and will update you immediately with any changes to our plan. We will be available for emergencies in the safest way possible.”
What the members of the Council did do was re-emphasize the messaging issued by Dr. Warcup and Town Manager Maryanne Crawford to be vigilant and disciplined in the next couple of weeks to avoid any further cases.
Dr. Warcup

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