Council renews mobile food establishment permits

After tabling the matter a few weeks ago, the Town Council renewed mobile food establishment permits, approved their locations and set a cap on the number of licenses on Monday, December 5.The reason for the delay was to allow Bethany Campbell Coviello more time to formulate her plans for a small food truck.After almost 30 years of operating Bethany’s Airport Diner, Coviello chose not to renew her lease at the Block Island State Airport this fall, due to increased rent and requirements imposed by Rhode Island Airport Corporation. But she’s not ready to throw in the towel, and when the Town Council met last month to renew mobile food establishment permits she presented them with a preliminary plan for a new food truck. They encouraged her to do more exploration of state licensing requirements and to firm up her plans.The truck is quite small and not equipped with cooking facilities, so Coviello wants to offer up beverages, “food on a stick” and other easy to-go items. Her proposed location is at the Lightburne on Spring Street. Her proposed name: Bethany’s Keep on Trucking Grab and Go.On December 5, with a 21-page business plan in hand, Coviello told the

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