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Council sets public hearings on a variety of proposals

With recent discussions pertaining to the presence of the coronavirus in Rhode Island, First Warden Ken Lacoste said he had met with the Medical Center on Monday, March 2. “We got together and brought everyone up to speed on the coronavirus.” The Town Council listened to Lacoste’s Warden’s Report on Monday, March 2.
Town Manager Jim Kern jumped into the conversation and added he had “conversations over the last three to four days. We want the people in town to know we are in constant contact. It’s the same information as you are watching the news and hearing from the Rhode Island Department of Health. There are a couple presumptive cases. But the biggest message is, instead of concentrating on the unknowns of the virus, we can focus on what we know and that viruses spread. Wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and practice health precautions and good hygiene.”
Lacoste added, “The Medical Center will be providing information and will keep everyone as informed as possible.” The Medical Center issued a statement on Monday, March 2, that stated the facility’s staff was working with the Rhode Island Department

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