Council stays the course

During an emergency meeting of the Town Council held Wednesday, April 1, Dr. Mark Clark recognized that there had been rumors about the presence of COVID-19 on the island, but stated again that there had been no confirmed cases here and that “if and when” there is a case, the Medical Center would immediately let people know. “That is not something we would keep a secret,” Clark, who is the director of the Medical Center, said during the meeting.
Clark said the Medical Center had conducted several tests that had negative results. He did say the results of several COVID-19 tests were pending.
Clark also said the island should be aware of potential adverse behavioral issues during this time of isolation, as well. He said there are ways to connect with each other through technology.
“This is a huge stresser. Anxiety or depression or any kind of behavioral health issue will be exacerbated,” Clark said. “We want to be on the lookout for folks that are having a hard time with this. If you now someone who is struggling, have them contact us.”
The council also spent a

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