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Covid-19 update from Dr. Warcup

The following update was shared by Block Island Medical Director Dr. Tom Warcup on Thursday, Nov. 5:
Dear Block Island Community:
Click this link to watch Dr. Warcup’s latest video update:

Here is a written summary of Dr. Warcup’s video:
BIHS has an Abbott rapid machine that can help us with rapid identification of symptomatic patients. It has an effectiveness of 80-85%. For patients with elevated clinical suspicions, a nasopharyngeal swab will be necessary to complete their evaluation. The results of that swab, commonly called the PCR test, will take 3-5 days. During that time, the patient is expected to quarantine. 
If you feel you have been exposed, it is crucial that you quarantine for 14 days. Some recommendations are leaning towards 24 days due to the growing numbers in our state. 
Immediate testing is not required or recommended. Testing only gives us a point in time. Remember that the incubation period of COVID-19 averages between 2 and 5 days. We are working with the state to increase testing capacity over the next several weeks.
Block Island had it’s 13th known case

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