Covid-19 update from Medical Center

The following update was posted by Block Island Health Services on Thursday, Jan. 28:

Dr. Tom Warcup’s Update 
Thursday, January 28, 2021
Rhode Island and the region has seen an improvement in our positivity rates over the past seven days. Block Island has had one new positive case over the last seven days and it is believed to be isolated.
There are exciting updates regarding pediatric vaccine developments.  Pfizer and Moderna have entered into vaccine trials for children 12 to 17 years of age.  We hope to hear of their successes over the next several months. 
Nationwide, less than six percent have received their first dose of the vaccine and three million citizens have received their second dose, as well.  Rhode Island has 60,900 people vaccinated and 17,291 of those people have received a second dose.  
The World Health Organization and the CDC predict the U.K. variant to possibly be the dominant strain in the U.S. by the summer.  Fortunately, Moderna appears to be effective against the U.K. variant. Moderna does not appear to be as effective against the South African variant. However, a booster modification is being worked on and hopefully available

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