Covid-19 vaccines arrive on the island

The first round of the Moderna Covid19 vaccines for Block Island was delivered on Monday, Dec. 28, by the town’s Emergency Management Co-Director Bill McCombe, who arrived at the Block Island Medical Center around 12 p.m. with the batch of vaccines from the mainland. McCombe then handed over the vaccines to Block Island Medical Center Director Dr. Tom Warcup. The BIMC is designated as a Covid-19 vaccination site, and as the vaccines become available, the BIMC will administer them to the community in accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health guidelines.
In a conversation with The Times after delivering the vaccines, McCombe noted the BIMC has been in constant communication with the R.I. Department of Health.
“Dr. Warcup has been very professionally aggressive in working closely with the R.I. D.O.H., myself, and [Medical Assistant] Kyra Ernst. We thank the R.I. D.O.H., and we are very fortunate to have [Warcup],” said McCombe.
In the afternoon that same day, Dr. Warcup administered the first Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to Nurse Claire McElderry.
On Tuesday, Dec. 29, staff members of the BIMC administered Moderna Covid19 vaccines to the first responders of the community — Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

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