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Covid on the rise, Council takes no action

Nearly one month removed from the alarming news that there had been over 11 cases of Covid in the 14 days following July 4, the New Shoreham Town Council appeared unfazed by learning of 14 cases in the past 14 days on Wednesday night. Dr. Tom Warcup reported to the council that 13 of the patients were previously vaccinated.
“Most of them were previously vaccinated, so the burden of disease has been pretty mild overall. The vaccines work,” Warcup said. He also told the council: “Masks really prevent the spread of Covid indoors, please wear a mask. Vaccinations really help prevent against serious disease. Not all of us in the community can get vaccinated, so please wear a mask indoors and help protect those of us in the community who are not able to get a vaccination.”Councilor Mark Emmanuelle asked the doctor if he was comfortable staying the course on mask wearing, with it being “voluntary as opposed to a mandate.” Back when the council was concerned about 11 cases on the island, it made the difficult decision to impose a mask mandate, only to reverse course three days later in the face of stiff opposition from the

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