Cracked Mug closes due to possible COVID-19 case

For the second time in two days, and for the third time this month, a Block Island business has closed down due to an employee showing symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Alicia Miro, owner of The Cracked Mug coffeeshop on Ocean Avenue, made the following announcement on social media about 9 p.m. Wednesday evening:

In an abundance of caution for our staff and patrons, The Cracked Mug will be closed until further notice.

Late this evening, an employee was possibly showing signs of Covid 19 and out of precaution for our employees and customers we will be closed until the entire staff is tested and receives their results back. In the meanwhile the space will be deep cleaned and sanitized — every surface and every wall and appliance.

While I understand this may make panic in our small community, we will be as open and transparent over the next few days upon receiving results and direction from the Block Island Medical Center and The Rhode Island Department of Health.

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